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    Along the Delaware River

    Between New Jersey and Pennsylvania, there runs a river. The Delaware River, to be precise. Ask any cartographer to point it out. (Are there still cartographers in the world? If you are one and happen to be visiting this little corner of the internet that I call my own, please raise your hand and let’s be friends.) (On a related note I recently decided I really needed to procure a good and precise volume of road maps, detailing all the states of the United States that we call home. I am unclear from whence this mad desire arose, but it doesn’t seem to be abating. So if you know of such a collection please…

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    Video: Southwest/USA Road Trip

    At the very beginning of May, Emily and I went on a road trip around the southwest states of the United States of America. It was grand. I have many more things to say on the subject, but all such things will be saved for the saying on another day. For now, a video! Road Trip: Southwest/USA from anya semenoff on Vimeo. Music: “Quittin’ Time” by Patrick Lee And p.s. Can we all just agree that my sister has the grandest grin in all the lands? Even when she deploys it because I’m being a total goof and probably tripping over my own feet. OK, good talk! More to come.

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    Berlin, Germany

    It’s becoming ever more clear that I’m not a travel writer. Each time I try to settle down in front of my computer to wax poetical about our travels abroad this past November, I can’t come up with anything even mostly coherent, let alone even a little profound. I want to tie together our brief moments in another land into a vivid narrative. Tales relatable. Intriguing. Fun. Yet it usually just babbles out of me into something just shy of bullet point form. We did this, then this happened, we ate here, saw that, the end. “See Sally run. Run, Sally, run.” My internal dialogue does not pour forth into…

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    The medieval city of Prague

    You know that question, “If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?” For years my answer was prompt and final: Prague. I suppose this unfailing need to see golden Prague — zlata Praha, or so I read somewhere — started when I was watching the Travel Channel many moons ago. In this particular show, Samantha Brown visits a restaurant in Prague called, Cafe Imperial. According to Zdeněk Jirotka, a Czech writer and humorist, there are three kinds of people in the world, easily classified by how they behave when confronted by a plate stacked high with day-old doughnuts. The first kind of person will simply stare at the doughnuts, the second…