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    Video: Disneyland

    We spend a lot of time together. Perhaps more than would be considered “normal” to many other sets of siblings out there. We text daily. We share laughs and tears, frustrations with and frequently because of each other, and have this sort of disconcerting knack to understand one another to the core. We are the Denver Four (a nickname spontaneously given to us by an extended family member several years ago; it stuck). Four siblings, one family, really big feet (oh wait…that’s just me). What we didn’t have until this past May was the experience of traveling to a destination outside our home state just us four. No parents. No significant others.…

  • San Francisco skyline
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    Video: San Francisco

    This video doesn’t do the grand city of San Francisco justice. But I like to document our adventures with words, photos and video, so on our April trip to California I did my darnedest to include all three. Perhaps one day I will stop trying to do all the things at once, but today is not that day. I hope you enjoy this little travel video. San Francisco, Calif. from anya semenoff on Vimeo. SIGNED, anya elise

  • Twin Peaks San Francisco

    San Francisco, Calif.

    Here’s the breakdown of my favorite places: ❶ Colorado. Of course. Do you have a week and a half for me to tell you all the reasons why? ❷ San Francisco. ❸ New York City. ❹ Paris. ❺ All the other terrific places I’ve had the privilege of seeing. There’s a lot of good ones out there. But today we are gathered to talk about the city by the bay, the one and only… Bay City, Michigan. Kidding! Just checking to make sure you are all paying attention. I’ve never actually been to Bay City, Mich., but it sounds promising. There’s a tab on their Downtown Bay City website that examines the particulars of what…