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That which delighted me in 2017

That which delighted me in 2017

Let’s be real, my dears, 2017 often felt not unlike an epic journey such that Odysseus, with his sirens, six-headed monsters and homicidal cyclops, would not have been entirely out of place. Can I get an amen? With that said, however, if you were keen […]

Things That Make Me Happy

In a world where the answer to “How are you?” is so frequently some variation of “busy”…”tired”…”hanging in there,” it seemed to me it was time we document the small, lovely things in the world that make us happy. As simple as that. The little […]

below average olympics

DENVER — In another day of thrilling athletic feats, the reigning champion of two left feet narrowly managed to save a full mug of coffee from falling from the countertop to its utter destruction. Anya Semenoff shocked the world when she saved the freshly brewed morning beverage without […]