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    The zucchini that ate my cottage house

    Is there a Guinness Book of World Records authority in the house, because today I must tell tale of a zucchini that attempted to eat mine. It started, as I’m sure all good stories do, with the Herculean task of hauling hundreds of pounds of dirt up a hill to my mother’s garden to a just-constructed planter box that would soon be filled with said dirt and a variety of vegetable seeds. What I didn’t know about this dirt was that it was composed of magical properties the likes of which result in killer zucchini. Were I a more studious reader of Greek epics, I probably would have seen that…

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    Some Silliness

    That which delighted me in 2017

    Let’s be real, my dears, 2017 often felt not unlike an epic journey such that Odysseus, with his sirens, six-headed monsters and homicidal cyclops, would not have been entirely out of place. Can I get an amen? With that said, however, if you were keen to do so, I daresay there were any number of delightful things, big and small, that we also encountered. I think it is never a wasted exercise to reflect upon and share such joys, and in that spirit, I decided to tally up 24 such items that thus beguiled me. I briefly considered making it a full 2,017 items, in homage to the year itself,…

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    Some Silliness

    Things That Make Me Happy

    In a world where the answer to “How are you?” is so frequently some variation of “busy”…”tired”…”hanging in there,” it seemed to me it was time we document the small, lovely things in the world that make us happy. As simple as that. The little occurrences; the mostly unimportant in a grand-scheme-of-things sort of way. But moments that are still present and sweet and quite happy nonetheless. So earlier this week I took a notebook along with me on my errands (which included decidedly non-happy things like preparing taxes and grocery shopping) and noted everything that delighted me along the way. Coffee. (Duh.) Sunshine. Easy home solutions (i.e. the time…

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    below average olympics

    DENVER — In another day of thrilling athletic feats, the reigning champion of two left feet narrowly managed to save a full mug of coffee from falling from the countertop to its utter destruction. Anya Semenoff shocked the world when she saved the freshly brewed morning beverage without losing so much as a drop. In the slow-mo, instant replay of the event, spectators watched her eyes go very wide, hands fumble around the slipping mug and at the last possible second return upright the tumbling cup. Olympics officials still have not come to an agreement if they will be FedExing Semenoff’s medal directly to her home in Denver, Colo., or if they will insist that she picks it up in person at the IOC headquarters…