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The thing about Valentine’s Day is, if you keep your eyes open, you’ll find love and kindred spirits among all sorts of people. Some of these people might offer you romantic love; others will give you a sustained and dedicated, familial love; still others will […]

Michelangelo tried to destroy his early drafts; it didn’t work

Michelangelo tried to destroy his early drafts; it didn’t work

Back in December, Daniel and I spent a week with his folks on the east coast. We mostly kicked it around his childhood home and sweet little hometown, catching up with his family and friends. But on one particular day of our visit, we ventured […]

I registered for my first 10K run, and then ate a donut

bolder boulder training

I am sitting at my desk writing to you today, and I think I may be dying. You see, I just ran 3.5 miles around our neighborhood park. Historically, this is not a sentence I would utter. I am not a runner.

Colorado, however, has something of a legacy of running. It is a runner’s paradise, full of possibility and fun, and steeped in tradition. Or so I have always been told. As I said, I am not a runner. I have never really understood the appeal of punishing your legs, mind, and dare I say soul, by hitting the pavement for mile after mile after mile. Dredging every last bit of will out of your body to complete the course you have arbitrarily set before you.

Recently however, in a plot twist none of saw coming, all of that changed. Blame the new year. Blame the fact that I’m now in my 30s, and apparently embarking on this fourth decade of life means I’m more athletically ambitious now. (Does that sound like science? Is there a scientist in the house?) Whatever the reason, last weekend I registered for a 10K. And then I ate a donut.

To many, a 10K is easily conquered. It’s only six miles after all, what’s the big deal anyway? But for me, a person who has never really participated in an organized run of any length, let alone six miles in quick succession, this might as well be my Everest. (Yes, I am piling on the hyperbole today. Did I mention the 3.5-mile run? Send medical help.)

The 10K in question is the Bolder Boulder. This race is about as iconic Colorado running as it gets. It loops in and around the city of Boulder, and ends in the football stadium on the University of Colorado Boulder campus. (My alma mater. Fun fact: I never attended a football game while a student there. I didn’t get the memo about being a normal college kid.) This year will be the event’s 40th anniversary, and what better time to dive into organized running than that? Am I right? Am I wrong? Submit your votes.

The Bolder Boulder takes place in May, giving me five months to train. So let’s talk strategy. And by that I mean, please share your running tips and tricks, and possibly even your advice for relocating to a different country and assuming a new identity. Whatever you think might be helpful.


SIGNED, anya elise

That which delighted me in 2017

That which delighted me in 2017

Let’s be real, my dears, 2017 often felt not unlike an epic journey such that Odysseus, with his sirens, six-headed monsters and homicidal cyclops, would not have been entirely out of place. Can I get an amen? With that said, however, if you were keen […]

Happy New Year: 2018

Happy New Year: 2018

We sat on the couch, watching Netflix, bundled under thick blankets my sister knit us, sharing red wine and eating Hershey’s chocolate kisses. The clock ticked at its reliable rate toward midnight. I had a slight head cold. Before long — tick tick tick — we […]

Treasured Memories

Two Years: A wedding and a marriage

Two years ago we stood in a big white church, the ceiling looming high above us, our friends and family layered in rows of pews to the back doors. We promised our I-dos; it was the best day ever.

I have been remiss over the past 730 days in not sharing more of the fantastic photos that our generous and thoughtful crew of photographers shot that day. So at long last, in celebration of this two-year mark, I’ve finally put together an edit of some of my favorites.

We were extremely fortunate that so many people selflessly dedicated their time and energy to making our wedding day so wonderful, and I would like to thank them first and foremost.

❶ To our families. Our parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins…you all provided immense support and cheer during the entire preparation process and through to the conclusion of our reception. And frankly, over the course of our entire relationship. We love you and cherish you.

❷ To our wedding party. You all were heaven sent, I’m sure of it. From standing up beside us at the altar, to providing extra hands, moral support, and literal bodyguarding as we walked from the church to reception venue along one of the more colorful stretches of road in downtown Denver, we truly couldn’t have done it without you.

❸ To our photographers, our wonderful photographers and videographers. We came to you with this idea of splitting up the whole day into chunks, asking each of you to take a slice of the day to document however you saw fit, and you ran with it. You gave us this immense gift and we could not be more grateful.

❹ To our wedding planners. I found your fine company care of an assignment and was so grateful that even though I had almost nothing planned and only five more months to go before our wedding date you took up the banner and operated within our strict budget and insane schedules. You made the whole process so much easier than we thought possible and for that we thank you.

❺ And finally, to all of our guests. You came from near and far, traveling the country to come celebrate with us. You were witnesses to our vows and participants in the best dance party ever. Thank you, thank you.

We start at the beginning. This is going to be a bit of a marathon, my friends, so buckle up. Get some coffee. Grab some protein-rich sustenance. Ready? Here we go.