pocket postcards

pocket postcards vol. 3

Dear Thanksgiving 2017: Thank you for being a day of warmth and sun and bright skies. You made it possible for the local Turkey Trot to commence unimpeded. (I people-watched from the sidelines with coffee and a cinnamon roll in hand; it was lovely.) To […]

pocket postcards vol. 2

Dear Bonnie Brae Ice Cream, Thank you for making all your ice cream and cones on the premises. If you didn’t, I wouldn’t have been positively drawn to your doorstep by the heavenly smell of cooking waffle cones wafting to greet me a block and […]

pocket postcards vol. 1

Dear Daylight Saving Time: Thank you for making us all a little bit crazy by snatching away a perfectly good hour of sleep that I imagine we all would have liked to hold on to.¬†Thank you for confusing everyone with the “s” or no “s” […]