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    Pocket Postcards, vol. 4

    Dear Instant Film: You make documenting summer hikes + adventures a real dreamy event. Instead of adding another 1,000 photos to my already overtaxed library of fancy phone images, you allow me to collect those special moments on paper and in hand. A tangible record of this season helps keep its chaotic nature — which frankly seems rather determined to hijack all things with no regard for my wishes — a little more at bay. I’m grateful to you for that. To July: We hardly knew you. Seriously, where did you go? Is it really August’s turn already? Can we talk about this? To the recent rash of 90+ degree…

  • thanksgiving table
    pocket postcards

    pocket postcards vol. 3

    Dear Thanksgiving 2017: Thank you for being a day of warmth and sun and bright skies. You made it possible for the local Turkey Trot to commence unimpeded. (I people-watched from the sidelines with coffee and a cinnamon roll in hand; it was lovely.) To the doggo dressed like a turkey at the aforementioned Trot: You were a delight, never change. To my tiny kitchen: You proved the perfect studio for painting the canvas that was our feast, despite your rather diminutive size. This was my first time hosting Thanksgiving, and it was a smashing success (if I may say so myself). To our nearby grocery store: Even though I…

  • bonnie brae ice cream
    pocket postcards

    pocket postcards vol. 2

    Dear Bonnie Brae Ice Cream, Thank you for making all your ice cream and cones on the premises. If you didn’t, I wouldn’t have been positively drawn to your doorstep by the heavenly smell of cooking waffle cones wafting to greet me a block and a half away. You gave me no choice and I simply had to stop in after my walk to the library last week to get a scoop of ice cream. You’re a delight and a treasure. To the governor, mayor, dog catcher, neighborhood watch rep, or appropriate local authority: How do we go about naming Bonnie Brae an official state treasure? I assume there’s a…

  • daylight-saving-time-bed
    pocket postcards

    pocket postcards vol. 1

    Dear Daylight Saving Time: Thank you for making us all a little bit crazy by snatching away a perfectly good hour of sleep that I imagine we all would have liked to hold on to. Thank you for confusing everyone with the “s” or no “s” spelling conundrum. (It’s no “s” by the way.) To the egg and bacon scramble at our favorite local breakfast place — thank you for being hearty and fortifying on such a sleep-deprived morning. To the lavender-scented laundry detergent — thank you for lulling us into comfortable, afternoon nap-time dreams in our freshly laundered bed sheets. To coffee — you know what you do, you warrior.…