• boston

    A recent trip to Boston

    At the beginning of April I followed Dan out to Boston; him for a business trip, me for a walking trip. Plus, his work travels overlapped my birthday, so it was sort of a birthday trip, too. After a late arrival in the rain, I spent the next 36 hours letting my feet find their way around this sweet city, wandering into used bookstores (of course), coffee shops (naturally), and pastry shops (a no-brainer really). It couldn’t have been a better way to kick off another year on this fine planet.

  • martin luther king jr

    footsteps through Atlanta

    We stood on an unassuming street in Atlanta, Georgia. The small, old-fashioned looking houses standing in neat rows across the street suggested modest living. Simple. A woman with a backpack walked out her front door a few homes up and sped down the way, seemingly not seeing anything that was around her as she peered ahead to her day and her tasks. A car pulled up and parked across the street from where I stood. Five individuals jumped out and pointed their cell phones and small, point-and-shoot cameras in my direction. I quickly skirted down the concrete steps I stood upon, and out of their respective shots and selfies. After all, they weren’t there…

  • Jefferson Memorial

    Washington, D.C.

    So…..October happened. As did the election. [insert whatever emotional response you need here. it’s a safe space. go ahead.] And now we are more than halfway through November and every day it gets closer and closer to being completely dark outside by 4:30 p.m. However, we are also less than one week away from Thanksgiving, so things are looking up. Many words regarding the past 45 days our nation has weathered will be written in the months and years and decades ahead. I may well have some to share myself one day. But for now, here’s a little visual recap, perhaps a slightly poignant one, from our early October trip…