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A Sunday in Four Parts

The house still smells like bacon.

We spent a heaven-sent Sunday in our little cottage house this weekend, napping, reading, watching television, drinking homemade lattes, and yes, devouring bacon. We don’t frequently get unscheduled weekends, so when we do, we hold on to them tight.

I captured these four, Sunday afternoon scenes yesterday using the stories feature on Instagram. (Are you guys on Instagram? Let’s be friends. It’s by far my favorite social media platform; so many interesting and beautiful things to see.) With that particular feature, the videos or pictures you post disappear after 24 hours. Which can be a fun and fresh way of sharing an adventure with your Instagram pals, and I really enjoy both creating them, and viewing other folks’ stories. Now and then, though, I want to collect the little bits I feature there and keep them as a token. A small little token that will forever remind me of what life looked like in a low-key, snapshot moment; even the seemingly unremarkable moments of a sleepy weekend afternoon.

sunday nap and mostly dead flowers

bacon and newspapers

What did you all do this weekend? Was it marvelous?


SIGNED, anya elise


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