Colorful Colorado

autumn light

Hello, my lovelies. It’s here. The best time of the year.


This season makes me come alive. It’s the crispness in the air and the desire to transition from iced coffee to piping hot cups of joe. It’s the bright golden yellows of changing leaves, and sharp, deep blues of that Colorado sky. I swear that sky will make you believe in the heavens.

I’m hoping to get myself into the higher country soon to truly breathe in these natural changes. But for today I wanted to show you a couple different views of our dear Denver city.

A few weeks ago I spent three days in the heart of the city, photographing an online news conference. While we only live about 10 minutes outside of city center, these days I don’t spend too much time working/playing/existing in the midst of it all. I go into town to pick up Dan from the newsroom, or to attend meetings of my own at that same newsroom. We periodically attend special events, dinners, a theatre show now and then. But these are typically special occasions.

denver skyline

I’m a city girl. I love the rhythms and the sights and the sounds. The fervor. And yet, it took me a beat to get back on the beat with these streets. I don’t live far away, however my little residential neighborhood, sitting just beyond our modest towers and cranes and overrun parking lots, sometimes feels rather distant. Even a whole different time zone, every now and again.

The conference kept me pretty busy over those three days, but not busy enough to miss the opportunity to get back in sync with beautiful Denver. I took it all in, but it was the changing light of the new fall season that caught my eye first. If you take a minute to notice it, you’ll find autumn doesn’t only make itself known in the leaves and the descending temperature. It can also be found reflected in windows and bouncing off brick and highlighted in decorative incandescent lightbulbs.

ellie caulkins opera house

Soak it in, friends. Winter will be upon us faster than a blink.


SIGNED, anya elise

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