Colorful Colorado

  • tree blossoms spring 2017
    Colorful Colorado

    spring blossoms

    I was startled to find that it is spring in dear Colorado. After an overly dry and mild winter here, it seemed like the flowers and the trees shouldn’t yet be able to bloom. Surely we needed at least one good blizzard before we might declare it spring? Then, quite unexpectedly, I looked out my kitchen window while brewing some coffee one morning, and saw our sweet, little front-yard tree had positively burst.

  • ellie caulkins opera house
    Colorful Colorado

    autumn light

    Hello, my lovelies. It’s here. The best time of the year. Autumn. This season makes me come alive. It’s the crispness in the air and the desire to transition from iced coffee to piping hot cups of joe. It’s the bright golden yellows of changing leaves, and sharp, deep blues of that Colorado sky. I swear that sky will make you believe in the heavens. I’m hoping to get myself into the higher country soon to truly breathe in these natural changes. But for today I wanted to show you a couple different views of our dear Denver city. A few weeks ago I spent three days in the heart of the city,…

  • Colorful Colorado

    Silverton, Colo.

    Whoa weekends around here lately. Read that sentence REALLY fast the way I just sounded it out in my head as I typed. As if you just drank four cups of coffee back-to-back in a quick and consecutive fashion. Did you do it? Welcome to my brain, folks! We have been on the war path with our weekends these past several weeks. It’s almost like we are trying to conquer every minute with decisive action. But fun action. Delightful action even. Just decisive. This past one we photographed a wedding on Copper Mountain, then drove an additional five hours to Silverton, Colorado, to catch the very tail end of the Hardrock 100…