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Christmas Cards 2016

I believe in the power of letters. Sending them, receiving them, affixing them with kitschy postage stamps, and trekking along neighborhood sidewalks to drop them off in those metal blue boxes, always somehow arriving past the last pickup time of the day. This is a practice that just doesn’t happen enough these days, which is why I love the holiday season so very much.

I think it’s positively grand when December rolls around and notes from loved ones living near and far start arriving at our door. I tack them up on our refrigerator one by one to be enjoyed throughout the month. (Being the truly great housekeeper that I am, these missives usually end up living there for 5-7 months, but don’t tell anyone.) Some are photo-only features, others pack a punch of glitter (it’s the gift that keeps on giving), some go into fabulous detail of life’s adventures in the soon-to-be-closing year.

Each year I do my best to craft our own Christmas card to send out into the world. Sometimes I’m very punctual, sometimes they become “Happy New Years!” cards. They don’t always have pictures of us on them, instead falling into the pack-of-20 category from my favorite card store. Certain years I handwrite each one, others are drafted on the computer and printed in bulk. But no matter the style or outcome my intentions are always good.

This year however, I had a plan, and in a twist of fate no one could ever have predicted, I successfully followed through on that plan. Personal growth achieved, friends.

signed anya elise christmas card 2016

signed anya elise christmas card 2016

These particular photos were taken in Washington, DC, on our three-year wedding anniversary. If I’m not making a semi-funny face in at least one photo of a set, I don’t know how to carry on in life. A little bit of silliness is my sweet spot. Dan meanwhile is secretly wondering how much coffee it will take to distract me from the photo-taking. (Spoiler alert: It takes very little coffee to distract me.)

For the 2016 Semenoff-Petty Christmas Card, I found a new online print shop to try out. It’s called Paper Culture. They make all of their cards with 100% post-consumer recycled paper, and with each order they plant a tree. They “design for trees,” which I have to say really gave me a “I speak for the trees” Lorax vibe. (A book that my father read to us as children and clearly stuck with me.) So all-in-all, I was happy to spread the love via holiday cards and a freshly planted tree. The only downside was that a shower of glitter didn’t fly out of the envelope upon opening. Next year I’m coming for you, guys. Next year. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

signed anya elise christmas card 2016

Wishing you all joy and peace this holiday season!

It occurred to me as I edited through this that it reads like a “sponsored content” post, which it isn’t at all, scout’s honor. I simply enjoy sharing cool companies and products that I come across with you lovelies. It’s one of the great things about reading blogs—sharing ideas, discoveries and adventures. So there you go. Hot chocolate for everyone! 


SIGNED, anya elise

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