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Climbing Roses

I am a sucker for flowers. Any time I enter a grocery store, I have to stop and quite literally smell the roses. I usually restrain myself from stocking my entire basket with florals — one has to watch the budget after all — but it is certainly a struggle. So it’s always a delight when surprise flowers show up on my doorstep, as happened last week when my very kind landlady left us a small vase of climbing roses she pruned from her garden.

It seems to me my landlady was a professional florist in another life, because her garden-harvested floral arrangements are always perfection. She’s sweet and thoughtful, and shares these treasures with us freely throughout the season.  Her most recent creation begged to be photographed — the colors! the textures! — so I pulled out some gear and was quite content to get lost in the task.

Here’s wishing you all a good week ahead. Seek out beauty in all its many forms; that remains one of the best antidotes to the particular ennui and lethargy that can plague us these days.


SIGNED, anya elise

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