• boston

    A recent trip to Boston

    At the beginning of April I followed Dan out to Boston; him for a business trip, me for a walking trip. Plus, his work travels overlapped my birthday, so it was sort of a birthday trip, too. After a late arrival in the rain, I spent the next 36 hours letting my feet find their way around this sweet city, wandering into used bookstores (of course), coffee shops (naturally), and pastry shops (a no-brainer really). It couldn’t have been a better way to kick off another year on this fine planet.

  • colorado nordic skiing
    Colorful Colorado

    Watching the Olympics made me try Nordic skiing again after 20 years

    We woke up to snow this morning — after several 70+ degree days — so it seemed an appropriate time to finally share this post. Oy, Colorado. You missed the memo that it is now April.  Have you ever sat watching the Olympics and thought, “Now that looks fun, I should do that.” And the next thing you know you have skis latched to your feet with a wide, icy snow field in front of you and no idea what to do next or how to avoid involuntarily falling into the splits while strapped to those skies? No? Me either. Good talk. Thanks for stopping by. The 2018 Winter Olympics…

  • red rose


    The thing about Valentine’s Day is, if you keep your eyes open, you’ll find love and kindred spirits among all sorts of people. Some of these people might offer you romantic love; others will give you a sustained and dedicated, familial love; still others will come into your life to nurture a lifelong and compassionate friendship. There’s no singular type, there’s no one size fits all. And that, I think, is the real beauty of a day like today. So, however you celebrate today — or even if you don’t celebrate today at all — just know that I think you are phenomenal, and you are cherished.   SIGNED, anya elise

  • michelangelo at the met

    Michelangelo tried to destroy his early drafts; it didn’t work

    Back in December, Daniel and I spent a week with his folks on the east coast. We mostly kicked it around his childhood home and sweet little hometown, catching up with his family and friends. But on one particular day of our visit, we ventured into the big city: New York. Our mission: To meet up with Michelangelo at the Met. A few general notes: Periodically throughout the day, it was very rainy in the city, and walking around the packed corridors of such a bustling metropolis with umbrellas in hand is a particular kind of exercise in sharing one’s space with the rest of humanity. The only way to…

  • running shoes
    Fitness Life

    I registered for my first 10K run, and then ate a donut

    I am sitting at my desk writing to you today, and I think I may be dying. You see, I just ran 3.5 miles around our neighborhood park. Historically, this is not a sentence I would utter. I am not a runner. Colorado, however, has something of a legacy of running. It is a runner’s paradise, full of possibility and fun, and steeped in tradition. Or so I have always been told. As I said, I am not a runner. I have never really understood the appeal of punishing your legs, mind, and dare I say soul, by hitting the pavement for mile after mile after mile. Dredging every last…