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    Happy New Year: 2018

    We sat on the couch, watching Netflix, bundled under thick blankets my sister knit us, sharing red wine and eating Hershey’s chocolate kisses. The clock ticked at its reliable rate toward midnight. I had a slight head cold. Before long — tick tick tick — we turned on the cable and watched as the glowing, sparkly orb in New York City dropped to mark a new year: 2018. We toasted with sparkling apple cider — the purchasing of proper champagne having escaped our to-do list — and shortly thereafter, we turned in to bed. Wishing you all a joyful, peaceful and inspirational new year. May 2018 be a grand adventure.  …

  • A snowstorm in Denver in January 2016
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    The Doldrums of January

    You all feel that right? The subtle, yet quite noticeable presence of the doldrums of January. It’s an affliction that arrives somewhere in between the packing up of holiday decorations and the realization that the new year ahead very much exists in uncharted territory. Here be dragons, as it were. January, February, March, these first few months always throw me for a loop. I find myself rather torn wanting to be both optimistic—resolute you might say—toward making the new year a smashing success, and experiencing the often more present feelings of overwhelm, ennui, and indecisiveness. Your 2017 planner is shiny, new, unfilled and demanding; your to-do list is staring at you waiting to…