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A Sunday in Four Parts

A Sunday in Four Parts

The house still smells like bacon. We spent a heaven-sent Sunday in our little cottage house this weekend, napping, reading, watching television, drinking homemade lattes, and yes, devouring bacon. We don’t frequently get unscheduled weekends, so when we do, we hold on to them tight. […]

stop and smell the magenta carnations

Because sometimes it’s Monday and time to once again face the grab bag of possibilities, uncertainties, hard work, emails, phone calls, and fun that meet you afresh each week. What better occasion could their be for a $3 bouquet of Trader Joe’s carnations? Wishing you a smashing good week! […]

Espresso Mania 3000

There comes a moment in every coffee-loving gal’s life when you meet the one. It’s a beautiful moment; the kind of occasion that might one day inspire novels, epic poems, or at least a sappy pop song or two. This meeting—my very special meeting—involved a Breville […]

Our Christmas

It turns out I’m not terribly good at documenting Christmas festivities. At least not this year. I expect this is for one of two reasons: The still-present childhood delight of Christmas Eve — gathering with the family, eating too much sugar, opening presents — distracted me […]

Christmas Cards 2016

I believe in the power of letters. Sending them, receiving them, affixing them with kitschy postage stamps, and trekking along neighborhood sidewalks to drop them off in those metal blue boxes, always somehow arriving past the last pickup time of the day. This is a practice that […]