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pocket postcards vol. 3

thanksgiving table

Dear Thanksgiving 2017:

Thank you for being a day of warmth and sun and bright skies. You made it possible for the local Turkey Trot to commence unimpeded. (I people-watched from the sidelines with coffee and a cinnamon roll in hand; it was lovely.)

To the doggo dressed like a turkey at the aforementioned Trot: You were a delight, never change.

To my tiny kitchen: You proved the perfect studio for painting the canvas that was our feast, despite your rather diminutive size. This was my first time hosting Thanksgiving, and it was a smashing success (if I may say so myself).

To our nearby grocery store: Even though I failed, in a rather spectacular fashion, to prepare edible gravy, you had on hand just enough canned gravy for our needs. It was a Thanksgiving miracle.

To the record function on our television: You made it possible for us to watch the Macy’s parade in its entirety, throughout the morning at our own pace, in between stuffing the turkey and destroying perfectly promising gravy recipes. Sometimes technology comes through for you.

To my sister: I have successfully avoided preparing the turkey once more, all thanks to you. Rock on.

To the “Muppet Christmas Carol” movie: Every single year, you are a reliable and grand adventure for all of us who remain kids at heart. Truly, you never get old.

Rizzo the Rat: “Boy, that’s scary stuff! Should we be worried about the kids in the audience?”
Gonzo: “Nah, it’s all right. This is culture!”

To the two succulents, one coffee plant, a pumpkin-holdover from Halloween, and a couple of mismatched vases filled with appropriately-hued flowers that dressed the pre-dinner table: Stand-up job, everyone. Does Martha Stewart know about you?

And finally, to the dear day of Thanksgiving itself: I’d like to proclaim a particular thanks to you for being the harbinger of the holidays. What could be better than gathering your loved ones around the table and indulging in all the best comfort foods as you reflect on that for which you are most grateful, all while happily anticipating the next several weeks of jolly music, festivals, activities and joy that is possible in the forthcoming season. Happy holidays, one and all.

SIGNED, anya elise


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