pocket postcards

Pocket Postcards, vol. 4


Dear Instant Film:

You make documenting summer hikes + adventures a real dreamy event. Instead of adding another 1,000 photos to my already overtaxed library of fancy phone images, you allow me to collect those special moments on paper and in hand. A tangible record of this season helps keep its chaotic nature — which frankly seems rather determined to hijack all things with no regard for my wishes — a little more at bay. I’m grateful to you for that.

To July: We hardly knew you. Seriously, where did you go? Is it really August’s turn already? Can we talk about this?

To the recent rash of 90+ degree days: I know you will likely return before summer is truly over, but it would be all right with me if you decided to gracefully exit the scene without any overt dramatics. OK? OK.

To sparkling water: You make hydration like a disco, a little bit of flash and a little bit of fun. You also make those 90+ days a little bit more bearable, which probably isn’t something that can be said about a disco.

To days spent at a lake: I always envision myself enjoying just such a day with the approach of each summer season, and yet, somehow, it never comes to pass. Something about the glint of the water, canoes, perhaps stand-up paddleboarding were I to suddenly develop abundant confidence in my sense of balance and coordination, all these elements sound quintessentially summer, and an opportunity not to be overlooked. It would probably be wise to get a day blocked out on my calendar and just make it happen, otherwise the calendar will inevitably go rogue and take on a mind of its own. It’s kind of a punk that way.

To my own conflicting feelings regarding summer: Are we happy to see autumn quickly approaching, or sad to let the summer fade away? Perhaps we will allow ourself to be both of these conflicting things at the same time. Perhaps, also, we should stop referring to ourself in this manner, we are freaking people out.


SIGNED, anya elise

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