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    Espresso Mania 3000

    There comes a moment in every coffee-loving gal’s life when you meet the one. It’s a beautiful moment; the kind of occasion that might one day inspire novels, epic poems, or at least a sappy pop song or two. This meeting—my very special meeting—involved a Breville espresso maker. I have spent many a day since junior year of high school enjoying a cup of coffee with the prying of the blankets from my still-drowsy fingers the rising of the sun. Through the ages, this coffee journey has involved all manners of coffee makers from Mr. Coffee, to Mr. French Press, to Mr. Chemex. Worthy coffee makers. Valiant even. Worthy of a stanza in that epic…

  • Some Silliness

    below average olympics

    DENVER — In another day of thrilling athletic feats, the reigning champion of two left feet narrowly managed to save a full mug of coffee from falling from the countertop to its utter destruction. Anya Semenoff shocked the world when she saved the freshly brewed morning beverage without losing so much as a drop. In the slow-mo, instant replay of the event, spectators watched her eyes go very wide, hands fumble around the slipping mug and at the last possible second return upright the tumbling cup. Olympics officials still have not come to an agreement if they will be FedExing Semenoff’s medal directly to her home in Denver, Colo., or if they will insist that she picks it up in person at the IOC headquarters…