• giant zucchini
    Home Life,  Some Silliness

    The zucchini that ate my cottage house

    Is there a Guinness Book of World Records authority in the house, because today I must tell tale of a zucchini that attempted to eat mine. It started, as I’m sure all good stories do, with the Herculean task of hauling hundreds of pounds of dirt up a hill to my mother’s garden to a just-constructed planter box that would soon be filled with said dirt and a variety of vegetable seeds. What I didn’t know about this dirt was that it was composed of magical properties the likes of which result in killer zucchini. Were I a more studious reader of Greek epics, I probably would have seen that…

  • instax-hiking
    pocket postcards

    Pocket Postcards, vol. 4

    Dear Instant Film: You make documenting summer hikes + adventures a real dreamy event. Instead of adding another 1,000 photos to my already overtaxed library of fancy phone images, you allow me to collect those special moments on paper and in hand. A tangible record of this season helps keep its chaotic nature — which frankly seems rather determined to hijack all things with no regard for my wishes — a little more at bay. I’m grateful to you for that. To July: We hardly knew you. Seriously, where did you go? Is it really August’s turn already? Can we talk about this? To the recent rash of 90+ degree…

  • toyota tacoma camping
    Colorful Colorado,  Travel

    Have Truck, Will Travel

    I had a dream as a young teenager. It went like this: (1) Buy a used, purple pickup truck. (2) Travel the world. I think this dream first kicked in around my 13th or 14th year. I can’t quite remember where it originated, or why I landed on a pickup truck instead of an RV, Volkswagen van, or some Steinbeck-approved vehicle, but it persisted even as I crossed the threshold into my thirties. For more than half my life I’ve carried this dream around, and though I’ve grown up (mostly…I still eat an inordinate number of chicken fingers), began my career, got married, started a business, and had the privilege…

  • boston

    A recent trip to Boston

    At the beginning of April I followed Dan out to Boston; him for a business trip, me for a walking trip. Plus, his work travels overlapped my birthday, so it was sort of a birthday trip, too. After a late arrival in the rain, I spent the next 36 hours letting my feet find their way around this sweet city, wandering into used bookstores (of course), coffee shops (naturally), and pastry shops (a no-brainer really). It couldn’t have been a better way to kick off another year on this fine planet.

  • colorado nordic skiing
    Colorful Colorado

    Watching the Olympics made me try Nordic skiing again after 20 years

    We woke up to snow this morning — after several 70+ degree days — so it seemed an appropriate time to finally share this post. Oy, Colorado. You missed the memo that it is now April.  Have you ever sat watching the Olympics and thought, “Now that looks fun, I should do that.” And the next thing you know you have skis latched to your feet with a wide, icy snow field in front of you and no idea what to do next or how to avoid involuntarily falling into the splits while strapped to those skies? No? Me either. Good talk. Thanks for stopping by. The 2018 Winter Olympics…